Below is a selected list of the services that we offer. Please note that we offer a full range of notarization / attestation services. Drop us a line or email us to find out more!

  • Affidavits for All Kind of Documents

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Certified True Copies of Documents (Original verified)

  • Domestic Diploma, Transcript, Employment Experience Attestation

  • House Lease

  • House Loan

  • Estate Planning

  • Wills Preparation

  • Property Split Agreement After Divorce

  • On-site Witness (Lucky Drawing, Web Content, Meeting Resolution, etc)

  • Bank Deposit Box Open-Up

  • Joint-Bid Agreement or Subcontract Lien as Stipulated in Government Procurement Law

  • Execution/Attestations of International Documents

  • Marital Status, Birth, Diploma, Transcript Documents Translation Attestation

  • Authorization of Minor Child Travel (eg., U.S. DS-3053 Form, and Canadian 2123E Consent Letter)

  • Domestic Official Document Attestation for Foreign Use

As we are a Chinese/English bilingual notary firm, documents signed by our Notary Public, H. B., are frequently sent overseas and accepted by most foreign corporate and government bodies.

In rare case when the foreign recipient party (i.e. the party you intend to use the final document resulted from the notarization procedure) specifically asks that the notary public’s signature be further verified by their consulate in Taiwan, you can contact the consulate to confirm if they have the notary public’s signature specimens.

Twelve (12) signature specimens of H. B. are kept on file at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and most foreign consulates in Taipei including American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT), and Deutsches Institut Taipei. If your consulate does not have H. B.'s specimens, you can go to MOFA for initial verification and proceed to the consulate for final verification.

  • By law all notaries public in Taiwan are required to follow the Notary Public Fee Schedule enacted by the Judicial Yuan; and Fair Trade Act is not applicable to the fee schedule. We are therefore unable and not allowed to entertain any price negotiation.

  • For cases containing no monetary value, the attestation fee is: $500 NTD for a Chinese document, $750 NTD for an English document or translation between Chinese and English.

  • For cases containing no monetary value, the notarization fee is: $1,000 NTD for a Chinese document, $1,500 NTD for an English document.

  • For cases containing monetary value, the fee will be charged based on its monetary value. (please refer to Notary Public Fee Schedule below)

  • A 50% surcharge will be added for cases containing compulsory enforcement clauses.

  • Any applicable photocopy service, Straits Exchange Foundation mailing service, mobile notary service, verification service, and on-site witness fee will be added, according to the Notary Public Fee Schedule.

  • We only accept cash as the sole form of payment, and we recommend that you contact us for a quote prior to your visit.


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